Foot Injury

Common toe injuries

Sesamoditis This is one of the most common injury that affects the big toe. Often severe pain is felt under the ball of the toe when doing sport. Sesamoiditis is caused by poor biomechanics and high impact forces due to poor shock absorbency. Read more->

Turf toe More common in sports that involve kicking a ball such as rugby or football. This causes swelling and pain around the big toe joint and can lead to severe pain. Read more->

Hallux limitus Sporting injuries affecting the big toe joint are common but hallux limitus is usually more serious. Arthritic changes of the joint causes reduction of movement, resulting in increased stress and pain in the area. Read more->

Ingrown toenail occurs the big toenail grows into the skin. This is especially common in individuals who enjoy sport as the stresses in and around the big toe are greater.

Common forefoot injuries

Morton’s neuroma This is a nerve impingement problem that affects the forefoot often causing tingling in the toes. Read more->

Inter metatarsal bursitis Symptoms are similar to Morton’s neuroma. It is caused by a fluid filled sac (bursa) and pushing on the nerve causing pain, tinging and numbness. Read more->

Plantar plate tear Occurs when the ligament connecting the toes ruptures or partially tears. This can be particularly painful. Read more->

Stress fracture Usually affects bone in the forefoot. Its is caused by high impact stresses, lack of shock absorbency and systemic conditions such as osteoporosis. Read more->

Capsulitis This injury affects the joints of the toes (the metatarso phalangeal joints) The joint gets swollen and inflamed. Read more->

Common heel injuries

Plantar fasciitis Affects the heel and is noted as pain under the heel pad when weight bearing. The symptoms are particularly noticeable when rising from bed in the morning or when sitting for a period of time then standing. Read more->

Plantar calcaneal bursitis Symptoms can be very similar to plantar fasciitis. The athlete usually notices a dull ache under the heel directly under the fat pad.

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Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a condition that occurs from abnormal pressure on a nerve on the inside of the heel the foot. The condition is similar to carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist. Read more->

Heel fracture Fractures of the calcaneus (heel bone) are the most common tarsal bone fracture. Stress fractures of the calcaneus are typically the result of a sudden abrupt injury but can occur without a history of trauma. Read more->